Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New year 2012

The doomful cowntdown year has come!

Anyway, lets all make 2012 a great year in a combinet effort! Spread some love and happienss....Even if it goes against your evil nature!

Now to new years resolutions...

1.Get a fun job! hopefuly for games

2.Finaly want to move into a bigger place, near the goldengate park♥

3. Do a lot more fun projects and continue on Lioness!

.......Maybe get a kittie :)

what are your resolutions?

Happy New Year by the way!

Friday, December 23, 2011

little derps

Hills in ecstasy of different color, grief in punishing midday summer, grief some more under the pressure of men a restless whisper scattered across, unable to breath unable to rest.  

Robert Creeley-The Language
Mothers gift...(Those who bring the gift of language) this poem is rather a thank you.)

Mother to daughter….
Locate I love you somewhere in
Those words lingering between
Teeth and eyes, bite it but
Never without meaning
Take care not to hurt, you want so
Greedy needy but…
Much so little. Words say everything.
Something needs to be remembered
I love you again,
Then what is emptiness for. To
Build bridges of wisdom
Fill,fill. I heard words and words full
Of color to paint the world
Of holes aching. Speech is a mouth.
Full  of endless love….

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hurling bodies (writing)

Daryl nervously looks around. He coughs and shivers and swallows hard…He grimaces and grunts. He closes his eyes a minute and frowns, coughs again, hurling bodies onto the chariot. With each plopping sound the chariot creeks like an old hag. Daryl holds his breath a while, a useless gesture really. Pulling, grabbing, lifting and throw!

“Daryl….This one’s for the prison…They say she-“

“I don’t care boy…Just dump her on the stack. Dead or not they are all headed for that place”

“But….They say she’s not to die?”

“She won’t….”

Daryl approaches and takes a good look at the pretty woman’s face. He grimaces again, squinting, making wrinkled face swallow his eyes-almost

He grabs her and hurls her body onto the pyle-creeek- again.

The old man sneezes violently holding on to the boy, then he swears and spits onto the ground-yellow.

A young man dressed in a purple toga approaches them stone faced. Elegant steps, he kicks a nearby body, unfortunate enough to still lay on the ground.

“What is this? Why are you not off to Hornburg yet?”

“Sire the bodies have been increasing, I am old…Need I say more?”

“It is unsightly! And your mules stink are they rotting as well?”

“Sire, they have not eaten in days neither did I. How about giving me my pay?”

“How about eternal piece? Shall I hurl your rotten but onto the pile?”

The silence filled with words unspoken, a battle of the eyes.  The young boy coughs, breaking the tension. The mules are agitated, their hooves clatter on marble ground, and their nostrils flare. Moving bones.

The man approaches the nameless boy a grin forming on his thin lips. The marble face looks down on him. The boy frowns, barley manage to return the gaze.

“And who might you be?”

“Sir I am a helper sir”

“And of what help might a scrawny little one be?”

“ I bring the….B-bodies here and figure out who goes where”

“As if it matters…Do you know what the Hornburg is?”

“A prison?”

The young man’s perfect face cracks as cold laughter escapes his throat. He pats the boy onto his head and turns, glancing at the old man before leaving. His footsteps resound on the floor, a sound that penetrates heart and bones. Joining a crowd of purple togas he is gone. The old man grunts and grimaces, looking at the young boy, a sigh escapes.  Back to work, pulling and hurling till dusk takes them.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Land of Ecstasy (Writing)

You light up the nights painting starless skies in your neon color.

By day you are the color of bones, I paint you all across my life mixing into the pigments. Though, comes darkness you are the only one to shine. The one to remain, like death in the end is the ultimate truth.

Sometimes you frighten me as I am blind when the lights so bright, but there you are- Humming faintly, a chilling image from the past…. Haunting, hunting for my heartbeat. 

So mysterious, so most beautiful there is no color as potent as you. The lost child found, and all the miracles and wonders long gone. Here them galaxies and star-crossed lovers. All of them mourning and celebrating in a place, cold space.

I stain my hands, my hair and vision in wild joy. Yes I am guilty of loving you….

Beautiful times with you are precious, as precious as the way to the northern star…

Let’s keep them secret, let’s lock them away.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Music of Andy Sew Chung Hong

Here are some words for a dear old friend....Hmmm not that old but we know each other for quite some time now! Weird, since we didn't talk that much back in school, but now that I have moved to America for my studies we "talk" a lot (ah Facebook!)

Anyway, here is a video of Andy showing off his skills as a musician (too bad I don't have the video of him singing and playing the guitar! Yep Remember music day?)

Please keep it up dear friend! I'd love to see more of those videos and maybe even an original piece?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Little known things (piece of writting)


Blood most important carrier of life. Red-
Three fathers for the child! Oh, a 4th one joins like a secret whisper in the cool night’s breeze.
Flies on rotten flesh, beside wretched screams of the exorcised…A miracle born into the snow of an early winter. The cross is everyone’s burden; it is burning with rage atop the stairs to a sinful heaven.
The smell of rain, cold rain on burning skin- comfort for the wounded. Slaughtered sheep resting in summer’s fields, it was an accident of fate. Flowers and grass concealing truth, pretty innocent is a façade. Do you hide inside that tree?
Gott sei dank, in the streets of ashes and roses paving a way into the sea. Home it was- now cannot breath, home is a distant place, little house by the shore, longing for your indigo soul. Forgotten is the mother god.
Sunny days on yellowed bones, flowers grew within the chest. Nothing matters and yet everything does within the eyes of love. Clear as crystal little oceans eyes it resides within the shell put to the ear! Bridling at its first flight, over this old world made young. Never-ending bliss within everyone’s nest, enemy and friend are the same. World ends with you, begins with you and the stars at night they shine for you.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Little bit of writing

Random piece of writing -Girl in the red dress-

There she was again, like every afternoon of the week. Ordering her hot chocolate as always and taking a raspberry coffeecake with that…

Her big black eyes scanning the place for an empty table. Preferably next to a window. Those big black eyes so void of love, was that the reason for her presence?

Her long raven hear fell softly onto her shoulders, caressing her pretty face gently.

What is it men want?

Her brown coat hung on the chair, like a shed skin.She was ready to expose herself to the possible “customer”.  What was she selling? Her 20s? Or maybe more than that…

Her dress was red, color of passion, so thought she. Who could resist that fiery young woman! Yes, beautiful she was and yet lonely….

”Red…That’s what they like isn’t it?”
Her smile, it was for free, a gift to anyone who cared to look.

Hello is anyone there??!  
Her shadow….One day she didn’t come and the day after, and that day...Resons unknown, did she find what she was looking for?

What is there to be wanted in this world anymore, or rather…

What is it that is needed?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The art of Irys Ching

The semester already reached "half-way" now...Soon my years at the AAU are gone and...What would I have done without Irys?

I was really lucky to have met her, always pushing me to be a better artist. She introduced to me, some of my first influences and sugested some of the greatest teachers to me...

Through her I met awesome other artists and kept pushing my own art. Also she advised me to take some intimidating classes which I would not have taken otherwise (Anthony's class and Advanced Perspective).

It's funny but she knows my head is always in the clouds so....Thanks for reminding me of important things (OPT for example)!

Everyone should have awesome friends like that...Thanks for your friendship in those AAU years, it was very precious to me and I hope we'll be friends forever! ♥

Okay besides all that cheese! She has become a really great artist! So check out her stuff!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The art of Xiau-Fong Wee

Just because this artist is more than spectacular!

Not only is she a great artist but a precious friend who has always supportet me, eventhough we don't see each other that often anymore (sadly). Not many people support their friends as much as she did, so this is also a "thank you" sincerely.

Okay, enough talk, that is what she looks like through my eyes!

Here are some of her art pieces

For more amazing art please~ visit her creepytastic blog!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Gingerbread Man-writing

Happy Gingerbread Man
2 1/2 cups all purpose woman
1/2 tsp baking heat
3/4 tsp cleavage
1 tsp mystery
1/2 tsp compliments
1/4 tsp hard to get
1/4 tsp (freshly) smile
pinch of drama (optional)
1/2 cup butter, room temperature
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup saliva
1/4 cup ingredient X
1 tsp love extract

In a medium bowl, sift together all purpose woman, cleavage, baking heat, smile, mystery, hard to get, compliments and drama, if using.
In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar until smooth. Beat in saliva, ingredient X and love extract, then gradually add in all-purpose woman mixture until a smooth dough forms. Divide dough into two or three pieces (man euh dough will be quite soft), cover with plastic wrap refrigerate, until firm.

Preheat your  oven to 375F.

For softer cookies…

On a lightly floured surface, roll out dough….Happy gingerbread man making!(4-6″ gingerbread men are ideal!) Place your cookies on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Put into your oven. Bake for 9-12 minutes, depending on size of cookie cutter. Cookies should be slightly firm to the touch at the edges. Let cookies cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

The picture is not mine (from shrek)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Haunted house study sketches

Here are some sketches of how the house and the deer creature actualy look like...I'll put a drawing of them together up on the fragmented world blog tomorrow. Soooo tired!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Haunted forest concept thumbnails

The house of the wretch....Once amongst the gods she fell into disgrace. Exiled she haunts the depth of the worlds forests always on the move hiding from her hunters and feeding on the energy of the mortals.

If you ever cross path with the "wandering house" it is death you encountered.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

bjd dress and plush

This dress took me an eternity to finish! Luckily I got some help from Leann who helped me complete it.

here is Guynevre and her Skritz!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

bjd's and other things....mainly other things u__u

New pictures are up on our project blog :) please check it out!
The pictures are from our "doll" project and we finally finished our next little Animatic! Also I will take some pictures of our new crochet stuff and dolls and put those up as soon as I get some time...Lately a lot of things have gone wrong or just need me to take care of them so....Sigh...My money is still trapped somewhere in a failled transfer attempt, this causes me a lot of grief now its a back and forth story to figure out where the hell it is!!! >< also I am looking for a job...It seems like everyone needs some fancy "flash" artist these days....What about traditional? (I can do photoshop too!)Where are the days were simple illustrators where needed???

 aaaaaand there is plenty of other stuff that needs fixing (like my brain -__-) and then my parents ask me why I have no boyfriend...

Ok without further complaining...

here is a link :) enjoy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Style test

Looking for a style to paint the "doll" project...Little stories simmilar to childrens book. Not sure yet how the story will be presented but we were already looking for a style...I didn't even know what to paint when I saw a cute picture of one of my cousines! So I was like "cute girl with loooong hair!"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots of fun projects!

I am very excited right now! Working on three projects for the rest of this year. The first one is of course the little Lioness "episodes" on our common website (link is on the right side thefragmentedworld).

 Also by halloween we will have a miniature of the Sararohn underworld....It consists of a prison where young girls are tortured by the king of that place (Hades) also his captured bride Persephone's room. Various other parts of the dungeon are also being made...Horror chef's speciall menu "underbody of young maid on golden pasta!" because of adult content I have to figure out the best way of putting a restriction...

One other project is our "doll story" project, making some original characters (costumes toys etc...With lots of Yarn!) It's not sure yet exactly what the story will be though. for now, here are some collor panels of the Animatic that will be made soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Animation francais incroyables!

I was recently looking through some french animations....They blew my mind this is just one example and definitely worth watching it :)

 it's called Baidir

Et moi je suis q'un petit point de rien du tout.....orz ToT crrryy more and more as I watched one ofter an other...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Future Plans

Time is running out, as much as I'd like to deny it, my "adventure" here at the Academy of art are comming to an end. I cannot really say I am ready for it, sadly...I wonder where I will be a year from now. I made some good griends over here which really makes me want to stay but then, most of them are also international and who knows where life will take them? So I was thinking about what would feel best for me....I really don't know O__O there are good and bad things about everywhere, so its really vague >.< I can't stand it...Ach!! It's me who is vague -__-

Aaany way, no need to crack my head open over this, it's no use. The major factor in this decission is a job anyway. I'd love to go back to Switzerland and work but there just isn't any animation or game company, I thinkthere are some small ones but the chance is too slim. Also it would be a closer flight to my family from there...(Mauritius has no big art jobs either).I was also thinking of France or germany since I speak the language and I just saw thgat france has some truly amazing animated work! (2 and 3 D!) but oh well we will see :) life is awesome!

I miss my homelands terribly T^T can we invent teleportation already????

Monday, July 25, 2011

Lioness Animatic

Finaly we finished the Animatic O_O it was quite troublesome but after finaly seeing the result it really made us happy :) So I am going to put some screen shots here or art shots? Don't know how to call those but they're quite pretty so its ok right? :P

Anyway here they are its where last chapter ended, Lioness met the old man Midos by the river. She brough him home and then left to go home herself but....Things turn out quite different.

here is a link to the video: Lioness Animatic

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dirty time!

ok I have a passion for weird couples I am sorrrry O_O I am not that much into Yaoi but this one I just had to draw it :P I was writing a fan fic crossover thing, where Shanks is Rin's "art" teacher and...They just kind of devlopped a nice relationship (love/hate kind of thing). The story hasn't turned into yaoi yet, just that picture emerged because they are always fighting...Or rather Rin always gets annoyied at him, because he likes to tease Rin...

The second one is my new character Papaya...I think she's the only big boobs sexy character I did so far...I don't know if I should be happy or just embarassed O///O

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog for Lioness

Now, my sister and I created a new blog for our story Lioness. Actually it is not just for this but for all the content that is related to her universe (the fragmented world). Since it has grwown quite big with a lot of different stories, we decided that it would be bether rather than have "fragments" of it everywhere.

okay :) so here is the link to the new site and hopefully you will enjoy it :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anime Expo Fun 2011

Soooo we all really had an awesome time at Anime Expo this year! Selling art and also cosplaying! The Sasuke is my sister Leann, Date sama is our friend Eve , the maid with Sasuke is Eri aaaand! The dude next to Naruto is Aaron (sorry I don't know the anime you're cosplaying T^T) and Naruto Is Demako! Oh yea I almost forgot....The pink haired girl is me :P

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

空知 英秋 Sorachi Hideaki....

Is my favourite Manga artist/author by far. He is awesomely funny, I love the pages in Gintama where he is answering fan letters or just rambling about stuff! He does not only give people a glimpse of what a mangaka's life is like in Japan but he does it in such an entertaining, funny way. I would love it if he had a blog, now I cannot read Japanes but I am sure some fans would translate his posts :P Too bad they don't seem to translate those manga pages though (the ones where he is just talking about random stuff) so I always have to wait for the next vol. to come out....Which is a problem because he heared they are going to stop publishing it in the United States, now I'll check germany or france if they doo, still so bothersome!!!

Also it's sad but I don't think he will ever come to any American conventions -__- he seems really like a shy animal, more like a shy gorilla....hmmmm, I wonder if he really looks like one....A gorilla... O__O  Sorachi Sensei are you really a gorilla?? Can I have you as a pet? So I can force you to never stop writing Gintama?

 AX was a lot of fun, I will uppload some pictures soon, also from the stuff I bought :P Oh by the way, there were quite some fans of Gintama (Cosplay) and also  one of my Gintoki prints run out :D But i have to say sales where a lot better last year...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gintama Love ♥

Hmmm what's new besides my Yahoo account having been hacked....Soo please everyone be careful because it's a pain to get this fixed, but I am a boring person so....Not much lost :P

Spoiler warning!

Ok lets talk about happy things...Like Gintama :D I can't say enough how happy I am that there is a new season...I just watched the new episodes (a bit late) and I am in heaven >.< Gintoki is awesome, I like the whole protecting Otose thing oh and of course I loved the lighter episodes too, so glad Sa-chan was back, she did only have very little screen time for a loooong time! She's crazy but I love her :) it's always fun when she's around, I didn't expect to be touched by the whole "glasses" thing though....Like when she didn't want to change her new glasses because it was the first time Gin gave her something. Eventhough she could not see, she refused to let go of them awwwwww Sa-chan T^T

I like how the serious current ark focuses on the Samurais will to protect their master, because without a master to protect-like a dog-A Samurai is a stray....Kind of....And it feels like no matter what he is still bound to those ways. Man I was like OoO and then T^T when I saw Otoses colapsed body in the rain.......

ok finally some art :) mainly Gintama but the last one is from an animatic that I am doing.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Artbook with

The artbook that I made on Lulu has just arrived yesterday! It was very exciting >.< just to see your own stuf in a book! I am still all excited when In look at it, even if its not for sale.

It's more something to carry around instead of a big portfolio and I think it looks cute and nice. Cute because its a rather small size but its perfect for its purpose and makes my art look nicer ha ha ha....I should not say that -__-

okay stop the talking....writing and here are some pictures! If you have any questions please ask (It was about 18$ with shipping, it is hard cover).

more pics are also on Leann's blog :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

shinpachi shimura sculpey and co...

Since we still have a lot of left over sculpey.....Shinpachi from Gintama(♥♥♥ love that show!) also Ivankov and Shikamaru....oh and some random monster! Mainly done by Leann though, but I love them all >.< so I really wanted to put those up ^.^

Also here is a better picture of the "Nyx world" maquet.

she glows in the dark!!! Really @__@

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Animatics and fun!

I just closed the window and destryied the post -___- F*** my life....Anyway...I never said that by the way its F for Fantastic! (ya right...)

Anyway long story short :) my sister finally put up her new Animatics. Its about her fanfic (Naruto) she made a little intro thing which I think turned out really cute >.<

Sooo if you have some time please check it out (under evil people: Leann Regenass).

also here is some art that we did for the animatic:

Also we are working on chapter 2 (ep1) for our "Lioness" animatic. It used to be a comic....It still is as I am uploading the first chapter on my DA:

Why am I changing to animatic....Or maybe flash in thefuture

Well, for some reason I am just not that good at manga/comics T^T I tried really hard over and over again but as Anthony (my teacher for vizdev class in fall....Good times...Cruel times). Yep so my teacher did not really like my comic pages....The layout, text etc...Just was not there yet. Even after improving on it, my friends can tell its still lacking. However, my teacher did like my storyborads (medoras dream Dec 2010 blog) or rather story beats a lot and also the Pandora animation (Lean's blog) was quite sucessful...

soooo I decide to do it that way :3 that was rather looong not so sure if anyone cares :P but that was my journey to acepting of my failures ha ha ha
Please continue to enjoy my art eventhough I am laaame orz thank you so much!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mothers love

I did this illustration just before Fanime. I was thinking of a happy future for my character Lioness....Actually just a little story in my head :P Because Lioness has some serious issues with "love" and she cannot have kids. So in my fanfiction/Oc world a demon showed her a possible future if she agrees with his conditions... The future is a calm, happy one with her being mum and leading a somewhat normal life. Also Lioness "if" she had kids, she cannot transmit genetic information or very little...

I really miss writing a lot....

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fanime Pictures!

Aaah once again Fanime is over...I had a great time with my friends T^T I hope they all had a great time too!

anyway, here are some pictures of the convention...Mainly cosplay.