Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gintama Love ♥

Hmmm what's new besides my Yahoo account having been hacked....Soo please everyone be careful because it's a pain to get this fixed, but I am a boring person so....Not much lost :P

Spoiler warning!

Ok lets talk about happy things...Like Gintama :D I can't say enough how happy I am that there is a new season...I just watched the new episodes (a bit late) and I am in heaven >.< Gintoki is awesome, I like the whole protecting Otose thing oh and of course I loved the lighter episodes too, so glad Sa-chan was back, she did only have very little screen time for a loooong time! She's crazy but I love her :) it's always fun when she's around, I didn't expect to be touched by the whole "glasses" thing though....Like when she didn't want to change her new glasses because it was the first time Gin gave her something. Eventhough she could not see, she refused to let go of them awwwwww Sa-chan T^T

I like how the serious current ark focuses on the Samurais will to protect their master, because without a master to protect-like a dog-A Samurai is a stray....Kind of....And it feels like no matter what he is still bound to those ways. Man I was like OoO and then T^T when I saw Otoses colapsed body in the rain.......

ok finally some art :) mainly Gintama but the last one is from an animatic that I am doing.