Thursday, August 25, 2011

bjd's and other things....mainly other things u__u

New pictures are up on our project blog :) please check it out!
The pictures are from our "doll" project and we finally finished our next little Animatic! Also I will take some pictures of our new crochet stuff and dolls and put those up as soon as I get some time...Lately a lot of things have gone wrong or just need me to take care of them so....Sigh...My money is still trapped somewhere in a failled transfer attempt, this causes me a lot of grief now its a back and forth story to figure out where the hell it is!!! >< also I am looking for a job...It seems like everyone needs some fancy "flash" artist these days....What about traditional? (I can do photoshop too!)Where are the days were simple illustrators where needed???

 aaaaaand there is plenty of other stuff that needs fixing (like my brain -__-) and then my parents ask me why I have no boyfriend...

Ok without further complaining...

here is a link :) enjoy

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Style test

Looking for a style to paint the "doll" project...Little stories simmilar to childrens book. Not sure yet how the story will be presented but we were already looking for a style...I didn't even know what to paint when I saw a cute picture of one of my cousines! So I was like "cute girl with loooong hair!"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots of fun projects!

I am very excited right now! Working on three projects for the rest of this year. The first one is of course the little Lioness "episodes" on our common website (link is on the right side thefragmentedworld).

 Also by halloween we will have a miniature of the Sararohn underworld....It consists of a prison where young girls are tortured by the king of that place (Hades) also his captured bride Persephone's room. Various other parts of the dungeon are also being made...Horror chef's speciall menu "underbody of young maid on golden pasta!" because of adult content I have to figure out the best way of putting a restriction...

One other project is our "doll story" project, making some original characters (costumes toys etc...With lots of Yarn!) It's not sure yet exactly what the story will be though. for now, here are some collor panels of the Animatic that will be made soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Animation francais incroyables!

I was recently looking through some french animations....They blew my mind this is just one example and definitely worth watching it :)

 it's called Baidir

Et moi je suis q'un petit point de rien du tout.....orz ToT crrryy more and more as I watched one ofter an other...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Future Plans

Time is running out, as much as I'd like to deny it, my "adventure" here at the Academy of art are comming to an end. I cannot really say I am ready for it, sadly...I wonder where I will be a year from now. I made some good griends over here which really makes me want to stay but then, most of them are also international and who knows where life will take them? So I was thinking about what would feel best for me....I really don't know O__O there are good and bad things about everywhere, so its really vague >.< I can't stand it...Ach!! It's me who is vague -__-

Aaany way, no need to crack my head open over this, it's no use. The major factor in this decission is a job anyway. I'd love to go back to Switzerland and work but there just isn't any animation or game company, I thinkthere are some small ones but the chance is too slim. Also it would be a closer flight to my family from there...(Mauritius has no big art jobs either).I was also thinking of France or germany since I speak the language and I just saw thgat france has some truly amazing animated work! (2 and 3 D!) but oh well we will see :) life is awesome!

I miss my homelands terribly T^T can we invent teleportation already????