Friday, October 21, 2011

Little bit of writing

Random piece of writing -Girl in the red dress-

There she was again, like every afternoon of the week. Ordering her hot chocolate as always and taking a raspberry coffeecake with that…

Her big black eyes scanning the place for an empty table. Preferably next to a window. Those big black eyes so void of love, was that the reason for her presence?

Her long raven hear fell softly onto her shoulders, caressing her pretty face gently.

What is it men want?

Her brown coat hung on the chair, like a shed skin.She was ready to expose herself to the possible “customer”.  What was she selling? Her 20s? Or maybe more than that…

Her dress was red, color of passion, so thought she. Who could resist that fiery young woman! Yes, beautiful she was and yet lonely….

”Red…That’s what they like isn’t it?”
Her smile, it was for free, a gift to anyone who cared to look.

Hello is anyone there??!  
Her shadow….One day she didn’t come and the day after, and that day...Resons unknown, did she find what she was looking for?

What is there to be wanted in this world anymore, or rather…

What is it that is needed?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The art of Irys Ching

The semester already reached "half-way" now...Soon my years at the AAU are gone and...What would I have done without Irys?

I was really lucky to have met her, always pushing me to be a better artist. She introduced to me, some of my first influences and sugested some of the greatest teachers to me...

Through her I met awesome other artists and kept pushing my own art. Also she advised me to take some intimidating classes which I would not have taken otherwise (Anthony's class and Advanced Perspective).

It's funny but she knows my head is always in the clouds so....Thanks for reminding me of important things (OPT for example)!

Everyone should have awesome friends like that...Thanks for your friendship in those AAU years, it was very precious to me and I hope we'll be friends forever! ♥

Okay besides all that cheese! She has become a really great artist! So check out her stuff!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The art of Xiau-Fong Wee

Just because this artist is more than spectacular!

Not only is she a great artist but a precious friend who has always supportet me, eventhough we don't see each other that often anymore (sadly). Not many people support their friends as much as she did, so this is also a "thank you" sincerely.

Okay, enough talk, that is what she looks like through my eyes!

Here are some of her art pieces

For more amazing art please~ visit her creepytastic blog!