Monday, July 25, 2011

Lioness Animatic

Finaly we finished the Animatic O_O it was quite troublesome but after finaly seeing the result it really made us happy :) So I am going to put some screen shots here or art shots? Don't know how to call those but they're quite pretty so its ok right? :P

Anyway here they are its where last chapter ended, Lioness met the old man Midos by the river. She brough him home and then left to go home herself but....Things turn out quite different.

here is a link to the video: Lioness Animatic

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dirty time!

ok I have a passion for weird couples I am sorrrry O_O I am not that much into Yaoi but this one I just had to draw it :P I was writing a fan fic crossover thing, where Shanks is Rin's "art" teacher and...They just kind of devlopped a nice relationship (love/hate kind of thing). The story hasn't turned into yaoi yet, just that picture emerged because they are always fighting...Or rather Rin always gets annoyied at him, because he likes to tease Rin...

The second one is my new character Papaya...I think she's the only big boobs sexy character I did so far...I don't know if I should be happy or just embarassed O///O

Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog for Lioness

Now, my sister and I created a new blog for our story Lioness. Actually it is not just for this but for all the content that is related to her universe (the fragmented world). Since it has grwown quite big with a lot of different stories, we decided that it would be bether rather than have "fragments" of it everywhere.

okay :) so here is the link to the new site and hopefully you will enjoy it :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anime Expo Fun 2011

Soooo we all really had an awesome time at Anime Expo this year! Selling art and also cosplaying! The Sasuke is my sister Leann, Date sama is our friend Eve , the maid with Sasuke is Eri aaaand! The dude next to Naruto is Aaron (sorry I don't know the anime you're cosplaying T^T) and Naruto Is Demako! Oh yea I almost forgot....The pink haired girl is me :P

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

空知 英秋 Sorachi Hideaki....

Is my favourite Manga artist/author by far. He is awesomely funny, I love the pages in Gintama where he is answering fan letters or just rambling about stuff! He does not only give people a glimpse of what a mangaka's life is like in Japan but he does it in such an entertaining, funny way. I would love it if he had a blog, now I cannot read Japanes but I am sure some fans would translate his posts :P Too bad they don't seem to translate those manga pages though (the ones where he is just talking about random stuff) so I always have to wait for the next vol. to come out....Which is a problem because he heared they are going to stop publishing it in the United States, now I'll check germany or france if they doo, still so bothersome!!!

Also it's sad but I don't think he will ever come to any American conventions -__- he seems really like a shy animal, more like a shy gorilla....hmmmm, I wonder if he really looks like one....A gorilla... O__O  Sorachi Sensei are you really a gorilla?? Can I have you as a pet? So I can force you to never stop writing Gintama?

 AX was a lot of fun, I will uppload some pictures soon, also from the stuff I bought :P Oh by the way, there were quite some fans of Gintama (Cosplay) and also  one of my Gintoki prints run out :D But i have to say sales where a lot better last year...