Friday, August 5, 2011

Future Plans

Time is running out, as much as I'd like to deny it, my "adventure" here at the Academy of art are comming to an end. I cannot really say I am ready for it, sadly...I wonder where I will be a year from now. I made some good griends over here which really makes me want to stay but then, most of them are also international and who knows where life will take them? So I was thinking about what would feel best for me....I really don't know O__O there are good and bad things about everywhere, so its really vague >.< I can't stand it...Ach!! It's me who is vague -__-

Aaany way, no need to crack my head open over this, it's no use. The major factor in this decission is a job anyway. I'd love to go back to Switzerland and work but there just isn't any animation or game company, I thinkthere are some small ones but the chance is too slim. Also it would be a closer flight to my family from there...(Mauritius has no big art jobs either).I was also thinking of France or germany since I speak the language and I just saw thgat france has some truly amazing animated work! (2 and 3 D!) but oh well we will see :) life is awesome!

I miss my homelands terribly T^T can we invent teleportation already????