Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sketches and thumbnails

Here are some sketches and stuff I did recently...I mainly wanted to share those because doing them was fun and quick. Its relaxing after having to deliver so many finished illustrations and manga pages over the past few month. I almost forgot that art can be fun! No just kidding, I really love drawing and painting, but it's really freeing to just sit down and doodle some stuff into your sketchbook, without thinking about details.

I think I really like the sketch of nyx (Indian looking woman in the sky). She will be holding a dream catcher of some sort. I think it will be a nice piece to sell at the upcoming conventions! Also I feel like I have new energy to tackle my new and old projects.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sad weather=no energy

It has been raining the whole month -__- sometimes a bit less sometimes a loooot! I know I am in San Francisco but still. The weather has not been that weird in the 4 years I've been here. It is hard to not feel depressed and depleated of all your energy these days. It does not help that our apartment is cold as a tomb. I just feel like sitting on my chair (covered in blankets) and watching youtube videos (or read eventualy when I feel my brain turning into mush). I don't feel like drawing at all anymore, or rather when I lay down some ideas come to me but as soon as I get up I freez...And with it my enthusiasm as well!

okay here are some pieces I did despite it all, the sunset/hill one is a panel (sort of)the other one has been drawn by Leann and colored by moi.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dearest Japan

A few years ago I have been to Japan with my sister. I can't believe such a tragic thing happened to them, as if an earthquake was not enough a giant tsunami had to hit them and its not over yet! So what to do to help them?

I have donated to the red cross but there are still many more options one can choose, and I am still looking around for any charity opportunity or any other way to help. I might do some sketches or something and sell those, not quite sure yet but definitely going to help as much as I can.

Here is another page of my manga/novel....What would I do without Japan man I love mangas :P hope my favourite artists are okay ^_^ (my friends are fine luckily)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Manga hybrid page

Recently I read that there is such a cathegory as "Manga/Novel hybrid". Of course I was glad to see that I am not just crazy doing something that people would not care about but...It just seemed funny; A Manga/Novel Hybrid....Mavel?Nonga?? (sounds like a word...)

Anyway here is my monster hybrid page. This page follows the same story of the pages I already put online. It is from a different section though, introducing, Felonir the male protagonist of the story (if you want). Basicaly he knows Lioness (main character) since they were kids and he has always loved her. He is waiting for her on those hills to make his proposal (he finally made it to become a knight!Thats a good reason to propose isn't it :P).

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colaborative project with artist Leann

Here is yet an other piece that came out of the colaboration project with Leann. I really love to work with other people, of course it is annoying sometimes. Especially when you get told that you have to change a lot of things so...always make sure you check in with your partners to see if they like what you are doing, before it's too late. It is an other hard thing to tell people that they made a mistake or something you think does not work, so its really important that you respect and trust the other artist. Its always important to be honest but polite to create the best possible work!

In the end I think I am pretty happy with what came out so far...I hope at least the result is enjoyable to eveyone who sees it :)

By the way there is some terrific art up on Leann's site so check her out (in my links/evil people)!