Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Land of Ecstasy (Writing)

You light up the nights painting starless skies in your neon color.

By day you are the color of bones, I paint you all across my life mixing into the pigments. Though, comes darkness you are the only one to shine. The one to remain, like death in the end is the ultimate truth.

Sometimes you frighten me as I am blind when the lights so bright, but there you are- Humming faintly, a chilling image from the past…. Haunting, hunting for my heartbeat. 

So mysterious, so most beautiful there is no color as potent as you. The lost child found, and all the miracles and wonders long gone. Here them galaxies and star-crossed lovers. All of them mourning and celebrating in a place, cold space.

I stain my hands, my hair and vision in wild joy. Yes I am guilty of loving you….

Beautiful times with you are precious, as precious as the way to the northern star…

Let’s keep them secret, let’s lock them away.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Music of Andy Sew Chung Hong

Here are some words for a dear old friend....Hmmm not that old but we know each other for quite some time now! Weird, since we didn't talk that much back in school, but now that I have moved to America for my studies we "talk" a lot (ah Facebook!)

Anyway, here is a video of Andy showing off his skills as a musician (too bad I don't have the video of him singing and playing the guitar! Yep Remember music day?)

Please keep it up dear friend! I'd love to see more of those videos and maybe even an original piece?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Little known things (piece of writting)


Blood most important carrier of life. Red-
Three fathers for the child! Oh, a 4th one joins like a secret whisper in the cool night’s breeze.
Flies on rotten flesh, beside wretched screams of the exorcised…A miracle born into the snow of an early winter. The cross is everyone’s burden; it is burning with rage atop the stairs to a sinful heaven.
The smell of rain, cold rain on burning skin- comfort for the wounded. Slaughtered sheep resting in summer’s fields, it was an accident of fate. Flowers and grass concealing truth, pretty innocent is a fa├žade. Do you hide inside that tree?
Gott sei dank, in the streets of ashes and roses paving a way into the sea. Home it was- now cannot breath, home is a distant place, little house by the shore, longing for your indigo soul. Forgotten is the mother god.
Sunny days on yellowed bones, flowers grew within the chest. Nothing matters and yet everything does within the eyes of love. Clear as crystal little oceans eyes it resides within the shell put to the ear! Bridling at its first flight, over this old world made young. Never-ending bliss within everyone’s nest, enemy and friend are the same. World ends with you, begins with you and the stars at night they shine for you.