Wednesday, April 20, 2011

paint style

Just wanted to share some sketches. I got a nice brush tutorial from my friend Stephanie, so I decided to play around with it....I like it a lot!

Here is the link: are the little sketch/paints I did

Monday, April 18, 2011

Anime style

Recently I have been doing more anime style paintings. I guess my work has always been showing anime influence, but what I mean is the 2D style...I guess it's because I have been looking at quite some fan art these days :D Joy! It has been a quite busy week for me and I am glad it's over -__- well just to give birth to an other stress full week. I guess I should be a little glad we did not get a table at Fanime. So I don't have to be stressed out about it and create more work but....I am not T^T I am sooo depressed, after telling everyone how much fun it was and that I'd be there this time too >< also who knows it might be my last one *cries*

Ok how did I end up with all the whining??

Anyway, here is some of the work I have been doing. The "page" will actually be a flash slide/manga. I just put it together like this because we are not at the animation stage yet.

 Yep this is a colab work, nothing big, just a litle animation test actualy. The second immage is my character Lioness from my comic.

I did some stupid fan art with it O///O a little embarassing but here is a link if you want to see it!

Yes I have a DA but I am pretty lame on it -__- I recently started to get more active but it feels weird, maybe I am just a shy person >.< So please forgive my DA lameness :P

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sakura Haruno

Lately I have been catching up with Naruto, again! It was a lot of fun and I figured something I need sometimes after a lot of work. Just because it makes me sooo happy....Well lately it has been rather sad though, and that brings me to my title.

A lot of people seem to dislike Sakura, actually I didn't like her that much either. I kind of thought she was cool when she fought against Sasori but it's true, after that she seemed to become weak Sakura again. Naruto and everybody else must always save her plus she is not really the sweetest of girls!

But lets not forget that she is a 16 years old girl, I still remember when I was that age, my life was a mess (without being a Ninja....Hmmm sometimes I wished I was one though). Things are just confusing and you are most likely not who you are going to be, because thats what you are trying to figure out. So, I think she has the right to be annoying without necessarily being hated, I mean she's just a kid.

I made a sketch about her feelings and my sister finished and painted it out. It looks pretty much how I thought she feels...Confused and torn between two people she loves, one of them left her behind and hurt her and the other one is hurt but can she fix him? especially since she is still stuck on Sasuke whether it is love or an other bond she beliefs to share with him. Besides she seems unable to help Naruto even when she wants, she seems to inflict just more pain...

here is a link to her DA:

Ahhh by the way....orz sorry for not posting any new artwork in a while! So since this is not a fan art blog of course here is some art for you guys, I hope you'll like it :P

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


My sister has some awesome new stuff up >.< I was so excited that she finally takes updating her blog serious!! Because she really has some good art!

Here is a Sasuke v.s Zakir fan comic (well I just put one page or it would be unfair). Please do visit her site for some nice and fun stuff you won't regret it :P especially if you like Sasuke making a fool out of himself...Hmmm that sounded mean! Evil me! He didn't exactly make a fool out of himself I guess...Don't get me wrong I love Sasuke and I adore Naruto :) awwww I is stupid today o.o almost forgot!

she is under Leann Regenass (evil people)......................

Friday, April 1, 2011

Nyx painted

Here is the painted version of Nyx...Arrg I had so much trouble test printing her, the red color on it just didn't print....It just came out black! It was such a struggle T^T but it's all good now and she looks even better in print! I am so excited for Fanimecon, I have a bunch of new paintings to sell and I really hope people will like them.

By the way Wondercon is this week end! I hope everyone who is going will enjoy it! Some of my friends and teachers will have a table there so I am going to support their art as best as I can! :P

Have fun everyone!

by the way this is how the previous "utter failure" panel turned out in the end!