Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gintama Love ♥

Hmmm what's new besides my Yahoo account having been hacked....Soo please everyone be careful because it's a pain to get this fixed, but I am a boring person so....Not much lost :P

Spoiler warning!

Ok lets talk about happy things...Like Gintama :D I can't say enough how happy I am that there is a new season...I just watched the new episodes (a bit late) and I am in heaven >.< Gintoki is awesome, I like the whole protecting Otose thing oh and of course I loved the lighter episodes too, so glad Sa-chan was back, she did only have very little screen time for a loooong time! She's crazy but I love her :) it's always fun when she's around, I didn't expect to be touched by the whole "glasses" thing though....Like when she didn't want to change her new glasses because it was the first time Gin gave her something. Eventhough she could not see, she refused to let go of them awwwwww Sa-chan T^T

I like how the serious current ark focuses on the Samurais will to protect their master, because without a master to protect-like a dog-A Samurai is a stray....Kind of....And it feels like no matter what he is still bound to those ways. Man I was like OoO and then T^T when I saw Otoses colapsed body in the rain.......

ok finally some art :) mainly Gintama but the last one is from an animatic that I am doing.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Artbook with

The artbook that I made on Lulu has just arrived yesterday! It was very exciting >.< just to see your own stuf in a book! I am still all excited when In look at it, even if its not for sale.

It's more something to carry around instead of a big portfolio and I think it looks cute and nice. Cute because its a rather small size but its perfect for its purpose and makes my art look nicer ha ha ha....I should not say that -__-

okay stop the talking....writing and here are some pictures! If you have any questions please ask (It was about 18$ with shipping, it is hard cover).

more pics are also on Leann's blog :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

shinpachi shimura sculpey and co...

Since we still have a lot of left over sculpey.....Shinpachi from Gintama(♥♥♥ love that show!) also Ivankov and Shikamaru....oh and some random monster! Mainly done by Leann though, but I love them all >.< so I really wanted to put those up ^.^

Also here is a better picture of the "Nyx world" maquet.

she glows in the dark!!! Really @__@

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Animatics and fun!

I just closed the window and destryied the post -___- F*** my life....Anyway...I never said that by the way its F for Fantastic! (ya right...)

Anyway long story short :) my sister finally put up her new Animatics. Its about her fanfic (Naruto) she made a little intro thing which I think turned out really cute >.<

Sooo if you have some time please check it out (under evil people: Leann Regenass).

also here is some art that we did for the animatic:

Also we are working on chapter 2 (ep1) for our "Lioness" animatic. It used to be a comic....It still is as I am uploading the first chapter on my DA:

Why am I changing to animatic....Or maybe flash in thefuture

Well, for some reason I am just not that good at manga/comics T^T I tried really hard over and over again but as Anthony (my teacher for vizdev class in fall....Good times...Cruel times). Yep so my teacher did not really like my comic pages....The layout, text etc...Just was not there yet. Even after improving on it, my friends can tell its still lacking. However, my teacher did like my storyborads (medoras dream Dec 2010 blog) or rather story beats a lot and also the Pandora animation (Lean's blog) was quite sucessful...

soooo I decide to do it that way :3 that was rather looong not so sure if anyone cares :P but that was my journey to acepting of my failures ha ha ha
Please continue to enjoy my art eventhough I am laaame orz thank you so much!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mothers love

I did this illustration just before Fanime. I was thinking of a happy future for my character Lioness....Actually just a little story in my head :P Because Lioness has some serious issues with "love" and she cannot have kids. So in my fanfiction/Oc world a demon showed her a possible future if she agrees with his conditions... The future is a calm, happy one with her being mum and leading a somewhat normal life. Also Lioness "if" she had kids, she cannot transmit genetic information or very little...

I really miss writing a lot....