Sunday, February 27, 2011

A great page and utter failure hand in hand

Recently I have been working hard on my "Graphic Novel" (such a fancy word). I finally found a style that I really like. I am very attracted to the childrens book style or rather layout, but I am not that much into the content anymore (there are some great ones though!) I like manga a lot. For a long time I tried to make my story a manga but it just din't work out. there was no soul and its weird but...It just didn't feel right...Like you put pasta into the ramen soup (or something like that -__-) anyway...

Thats what I came up with :D actually the page I posted before too!

Ooooh yea the utter failure...I have become lazy after my back broke from work...So I tried to use an old color thumb as panel for the page I am recently working at....Here it is :P