Sunday, February 20, 2011

Confusion and the future

Okay, these past days have been so confusing...  In my portfolio class, we reviewed our stuff and our teacher asked us to research the company or companies we want to work at. The complicated part came, when we had do decide on what road we want to take versus what rode brings the most money and has the most open spots. Unfortunately I like Manga and childrens books...Already it does not look to bright for books but Manga...

After talking to my teacher and doing some research, I decided I'll give it a try. The truth is, its not as dark as it seemed at first. Also I should be grateful I have the possibility to work in Europe...Well, thats not the point, I really want to work here T^T

Soo...Such is my life now, basically building a portfolio from scratch with the thing I really want to sell, the thing I love most :)

Okiee, here is what I am talking about...I'd love to do this kind of stuff! A book that reads a bit more like a manga but still has the charms and somewhat the layout of a book (or rather childrens book).

I think its awesome ToT what about you? :)