Thursday, March 3, 2011

Colaborative project with artist Leann

Here is yet an other piece that came out of the colaboration project with Leann. I really love to work with other people, of course it is annoying sometimes. Especially when you get told that you have to change a lot of things so...always make sure you check in with your partners to see if they like what you are doing, before it's too late. It is an other hard thing to tell people that they made a mistake or something you think does not work, so its really important that you respect and trust the other artist. Its always important to be honest but polite to create the best possible work!

In the end I think I am pretty happy with what came out so far...I hope at least the result is enjoyable to eveyone who sees it :)

By the way there is some terrific art up on Leann's site so check her out (in my links/evil people)!