Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Preparing for AX

Fanime is over ToT (tears of paiiin). But AX is around the corner! Ihave never been there before so I am a little nervous >< at least I wont be alone, two other awesome artists will be joining me...Sadly number 3 and 4 cannot come...They will be flying back to their  home (Malaysia) for a while.

Anyway this is my character Mai, inspired by a friend of mine and snow white. She has a cyber/spider body to replace the parts she had lost as a whild beast attacked her. Her father used his Robotic spider to save her life... She uses bow and arrows and I thought about centaurs when I created her (for the way she would be connected :D

By the way, I am also on DA. I did not really use it that much before but I plan to now ^__^