Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lioness 20 Questions for Characters

Physical description:

Name: Lioness

Age: 14

Sex: female

Place/Residence: Kingdom of Thoron/ river village Halim

Description of features and mannerisms: dark brown, short, messy hair, dark skin, Lioness eyes, petite.

Personal/professional history:

Education: she knows how to read and write (women in her time and place are not allowed education)

Occupation: Helping to deliver weapons from her adoptive brother Darnel, who is a blacksmith.

Description of parents: Neriel who is Darnels father took her in as a baby(Her reall parents were killed by gods).

Description of upbringing/childhood: She grew up hidden from the gods in a small village, having a fairly peaceful life.

Main relationships: Her step brother Darnel and The old fool Marvic inside the village (later many others)

Type/intensity of religion, if any: The gods have destroyied many she loved.


Basic personality traits: Acts often first then thinks, oblivious, tomboy, stubborn and rude (sometimes to guys) but with a good heart.

Shortcomings/weaknesses: Her acting on impulse, naivety, the Omega gene inside of her.

Strengths/special abilities: fast and skillful fighter (close range) Her mind evaluates situation faster and comes up with a solution, to respond to the enemy’s movements.  The O gene is responsible for it.

Driving motivation(s) or goals: Wants to help rebel against the supreme race which are the lesser gods. Her village was destroyed but she does not want vengeance but rather stop it from happening to others.

Interrogate character:

Dirty secret: too young…Probably stolen candy and stuff…Lied to Darnell to secretly train with her best friend Felonir.

First love: she has an issue with love

Favorite music and/or art: Harp and flute.

Incident that created a scar, either physical or mental: Death of her adoptive Father and the destruction of her village. Loss of her Mother even though she cannot remember.

Describe a turning point in character’s life: When she realized that by only wanting something and truly putting your heart and soul into it, she can’t save the ones she loves. She has to run away and abandon her beloved ones…Being a hero does not mean to throw your life away uselessly, but making the best “logic” decisions = opinion of Felonir.

Character Summary
Carefree happy character who does not want to accept her fate as a girl. Fairly short, messy looking, dark skin and dark hair, tiny but healthy looking. Her good nature make her very likable and her will to protect make her strong but also weak as she does not think but follow her feelings, she easily trusts people and believes in what they say. She wants to protect people from the arrogant lesser gods, get stronger and maybe lead a rebellion against them. Gather other strong allies.