Monday, May 31, 2010


Fanime this year was really different. This year I was selling prints with my sister and some of my friends, it was exciting since it was my first time selling at a convention!

We all really had a great time, met other artists, learned a lot and we sold surprizingly well :D That made me really happy. So, If anyone who bought our art reads this: Thank you for supporting my art (and my wallet =P) I love you all ><

I was really sad when it was over (and it was sooo fast O__O) I felt like we just arrived at fanime, and because we were selling we really didnt get to do stuff that much.

But even if we didn't go to a lot of panels and other things, just being there and around the "nerdy" people, I felt really happy and home. I always feel like I want to stay at Fanime forever ^^  This is one of the main reason why I love it soooooo much and I always look forward to it...We all come there...gather to be together and just enjoy what we love so much like a kind of family. No body cares if you are being stupid or what ever you can just really be comfortable. I am actually reeeaaallly shy but for Fanime I actualy went on stage 0 and danced stupidly (hell I cant dance! >.>) But it was fun and everyone laughed a lot (at me...and the otherones who took that terrible decision ^o^ ).

Anyway I hope everyone enjoyed it that much!