Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Original Lioness

Here is my project for Perspective (Joko's class)...Finally.
I can't believe there is no more deadline...Its all over. Anyway this project was one of the most fun assignments so far. It was fully up to us, the story, characters, concepts everything.

I chose to treat it as a game I'd love to make. Lioness Origin, happens prior to my comic "Lioness" and obviously its about the crisis that came with her birth. Since she was born in a world of mighty gods (a la god of war) she is hunted by those gods. Many want her dead, since she will end the reign of the gods (the child that was not supposed to be).

The story starts with my maincharacter Joringel waking up in this dark place only lit by a mysterious Lantern infront of him. He also finds a baby girl in his lap...Thats when he rememberes that he has been saved by the goddess Simbajike (his whole family/clan had been chassed and aparently killed by King Thoron). The goddess tells Joringel that there is still hope for him, to save his family but he has to accept her quest. Joringel has to bring the infant to the wretch (a witch) living far away, hidden on an island protected from gods.

The different pages show characters and Stages within the game.

Inside the book, some pages of the story and characters