Monday, April 18, 2011

Anime style

Recently I have been doing more anime style paintings. I guess my work has always been showing anime influence, but what I mean is the 2D style...I guess it's because I have been looking at quite some fan art these days :D Joy! It has been a quite busy week for me and I am glad it's over -__- well just to give birth to an other stress full week. I guess I should be a little glad we did not get a table at Fanime. So I don't have to be stressed out about it and create more work but....I am not T^T I am sooo depressed, after telling everyone how much fun it was and that I'd be there this time too >< also who knows it might be my last one *cries*

Ok how did I end up with all the whining??

Anyway, here is some of the work I have been doing. The "page" will actually be a flash slide/manga. I just put it together like this because we are not at the animation stage yet.

 Yep this is a colab work, nothing big, just a litle animation test actualy. The second immage is my character Lioness from my comic.

I did some stupid fan art with it O///O a little embarassing but here is a link if you want to see it!

Yes I have a DA but I am pretty lame on it -__- I recently started to get more active but it feels weird, maybe I am just a shy person >.< So please forgive my DA lameness :P