Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lioness webcomic

Woaaaah I am dying of work @_@ it is a lot of fun but also deadly! I have to keep up with my Lioness comic on DA since I am trying to upload a page every Friday. The first "chapter" is almost done so I am really glad its going well but...Lots of other projects are also keeping me awake ><

If you are interested there is a link in the April folder (anime style).

Anyway, after the initial chapter our web comic is going to become an animatics mini series. Just as the one in the previous post or rather the ones on Leann's site. It is going to be aawweeesome :P I promisse he he he

hmmm what else is new? Oh yea here is a new illustration of Lioness holding the Compass of Gods....And Felonir looking into the hole Lioness fell into...